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Welcome to our Live Webinar page! From here you will be able to see when the next live presentation is scheduled and a countdown clock on when the webinar room will open. You will be able to join the webinar 5 minutes before the scheduled time. After the grey button "Room Closed" turns red, you will be able to watch the presentation. 

All webinars will include Closed Captioning provided by StreamText. You can toggle this on/off within your Zoom application once the webinar starts. If you prefer to see the full transcript from the beginning of the webinar, click the button below the room login (on the right-hand side) and it will open a new window with a direct link to this StreamText event.

Once the new window opens, we suggest moving this window to a second screen keeping Zoom on your primary screen, if available, or resizing the new window and the Zoom application so they are both side by side for optimal viewing. 

For assistance, a HelpDesk window will appear on the lower-left corner of the screen on the day of each live webinar presentation. 

The time zone displayed with the webinar information on this page will match your computer time zone settings
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Technical Support
Please use the Live Support Button or the Chat Box below if you are having problems entering or viewing the presentation. Follow these standard checks first:
1. Close other applications & devices that may be using resources/bandwidth & restart your computer.
2. Restart your computer.
3. Try accessing the webinar through a different browser or download the app.
Live & Recording Details
The recording of the webinar will be made available shortly after the presentation is completed. Please visit the on-demand library to access the presentation once it has become available.